Registration will close on November 30, 2021 at
Deadline for Applications

Last day to sign up and apply.

Selection day

Out of the applicants we will select a diverse group of women. Diversity in the broadest sense: business background, industry expertise, years of experience, cultural background, etc.

Start 1° Month : Superpowers

The first month of the program is all about your Superpowers. This helps you to base your new business on your strengths and interests, which sets you up for success. It builds your confidence, you achieve your goals more easily and it optimizes your motivation.

Start 2° Month: Focus

In the second month, we focus on your interests, ideas that you may already have and which is the problem you will be solving with your new business. We will deep dive into the business sectors that might interest you the most. In addition, you will be broadening your network, crucial to be a successful entrepreneur.

Start 3° Month: Business Proposition

In the third month, you will develop your business proposition, build your first business model and we support you in crafting a compelling story about your business, with the final goal of pitching it successfully.

Demo Date

Pitch your idea in front of an audience of family, friends, business partners and investors.